About Us

Kezban is a publishing technology innovator, dedicated to empowering the user experience for publishers, libraries and readers around the world. Kezban was founded in London in the year 2013 by Jahir. Our team is dedicated to developing and improving the online library experience for students, professionals, corporations and government organizations.  We are passionate about education and access to digital media for all constituencies.


Our Products

Kezban’s products enable a collaborative environment for authoring, editing and publishing to prepare and administer assessments, to monitor performance all under the same roof.

Educational Consultancy

Consulting services for universities, colleges and schools to introduce innovative technologies to aid the education process.



Technology Consultancy

Technology consulting services that enable our clients to take the right decision and make the right choice of technology.

Corporate Consulting

Helping organizations streamline their training programs with the right technology and solution intervention.


Strategic Partners

Publishing Partners