Reliance Jio is commercially launched and by now the majority of people may be wondering whether they should ditch their present mobile operator and port their number to Reliance Jio. And, at the same time, most of the people are tossing some other questions that are confined them to port their current phone number to Reliance Jio with maximum confidence. The major one amongst all are:

– Can it provide high quality service?

– Is Reliance really good providing better service than others?

– Will it prove to be a nightmare only after getting a sizable market share?

– Has the company learn its true lessons from the last failure?

– Can Reliance Jio meet the expectations of the customers? Or will end up being just an average network with very, very general post sales service for greater number of non-premium customers?


The launch of Reliance Jio has begun a cost cut war in the industry. Other big guns in telecom, such as Airtel, Vodafone and Idea are continuously working on the measures to handle the latest as well as toughest challenge in this highly competitive telecom industry. In accordance with the current Jio users, the quality of internet and voice call has been outstanding till date. Presently, there is no single cause not to turn towards the affordable operator in the world. The increasing competition is in favor of the consumers as other telecom operators have no other choice but to minimize the tariff to overcome the telecom competition in the market. Jio has really set a benchmark for the telecom operators in the country who had already been plundering the users with rates as high as 250 per GB.

The Effects of Reliance Jio – Will it Really Last?

The recent entry of Reliance Jio will surely speed up the data adoption in India with exciting and affordable data plans paired with low cost 4G handsets. At present time Reliance Jio network is available free of cost to most of the 4G smart-phone users, subscribers getting a massive 3 months of unlimited data plan, voice as well as suite of applications absolutely free. This is really amazing. Is not it? Users did welcome Jio, with long waiting outside Reliance stores to get their SIM cards. The word of mouth has also been seen very positive, which was expected, and with people very, very happy with the services.

The recent launch of Reliance Jio will also affect today’s e-commerce industry as well as other on-line businesses, which were struggling to attract more and more potential customers. Low priced data charges and higher speed Internet will surely help in the expansion of this industry. It is really great to see a new beginning in this highly competitive telecom space, which has shaken up the market and forced the rivals to pull up the socks to run faster and better to survive.