What if you could boost marketing productivity, lessen agency spend, reinvest on different marketing opportunities and offer content to market faster? The digital world has brought a huge increase in the number of marketing content. At present, a lot of companies are overwhelmed – not only with the sheer amount of material, but also with efficiently building, producing and distributing it on an international scale.

Kezban, one of the leading technology and service provider to publishers, education establishments and libraries across the globe unveiled the change of its brand identity, that includes a simplified and modernized update to its iconic look and feel for branded experiences and communications. The ability to succeed in a digital era and position as a human-centered and forward thinking technology company is essential to this change.

We are an innovative technology product and service provider to all publishers, libraries and educational establishments all around the globe in adopting ‘digital’ content. Our company is committed about education, passionate to make a big difference and determined to lead the story for a better future.

Kezban partners with the leading organizations to establish delightful customer experiences with transformative business results. We are able to bring together commerce services, content, marketing and design to serve the today’s digital customer, at the same time to drive higher levels of performance, loyalty and engagement for our clients.

We see the need to rebrand ourselves and logo plays a huge part. We decided to change our logo that reflects clarity, simplicity and readability.

For many years, we have worked with Media, Education, Publishing and other organizations internationally. Our network of thousands specialized experts, committed research staff deliver tailor technology solutions to aid our clients deliver and transform. Kezban has the willingness and credentials to collaborate with your company to thrive in the new Digital era.

The design of our logo is made by the company to represent our goals, quality or the technology of our products. Our logo design serves as the first and last impression of Kezban on our clients and customers.

Why We Brand Our Logo Design

Our goal is to offer concurrent online access to a wide range of both fiction and non-fiction eBooks, from a wide range of sought-after publishers. We are committed in improving and developing the online library experience for many professionals, students, government organizations and corporations too. We strive to make the change in Education and provide access to digital media content in every possible ways.

Designed in-house, the fresh and new brand logo and identity of Kezban presents the entire company as an evolving and modern company, reflects the direction and strength of its brand portfolio, at the same time underscore its passion to sustainability and concentrate on products.

Designing a brand to spot to work flawlessly across different digital platforms, connected devices, retail channels while storing its heritage was vital to the entire effort of our logo rebrand that also includes the most inclusive brand design system ever introduced.